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Movies/videos can be created using photography and music with creative compositing and editing skills. This is a service I offer where I can either use my stock photos, do a photoshoot for you or you provide the photographs and music preferences, and I create the video for you.



Click on the photo below to link to a sample video.

Boonfire!  A hot band from Boonville, CA, in the wonderful Anderson Valley in Mendocino County.  They rock, they roll, they reggage, they ska, they punk, they do country.  It's tons of talent and fun to watch these guys play!


This video is a compilation of photos I took of this band at the Anderson Valley Brew Fest 2019.  I used their music by permission to create this promotional piece for them.



I also have resources for non-copyright music, custom composing, direct association with a variety of musicians, and if the video is for private use only, it is possible to use your favorite popular music.


It's fun and something that will last for many years. Let's talk and brainstorm ideas!


Energetic, resourceful, creative, compassionate, and fun to work with!

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