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There are many ways we can work together on your projects.


One might use my photos as stock imagery by purchasing usage rights. I also do custom photoshoots and special subject requests (I call these “photographic scavenger hunts” - gobs of fun!), and sometimes collaborate with other artists using a wide variety of mediums, both traditional and digital.


Movies/videos can be created using photography and music with creative compositing and editing skills. This is a service I offer for both business and personal needs, where I can either use my stock photos, do a photoshoot for you or you provide the photographs and music preferences, and I create the video for you.

I also have resources for non-copyright music, custom composing, direct association with a variety of musicians, and if the video is for private use only, it is possible to use your favorite popular music. Let's talk and brainstorm ideas!


How does a project get started?


The most efficient method for me is to sit down with you (in person, electronically or by phone) and go over the various needs and ideas you have and then develop a timeline and budget that will meet your criteria.  We can start a chain of communication that I'm sure will be an enjoyable experience.  If I cannot help you, I will certainly do my best to refer you to someone that can meet your criterion.  I wear many hats to utilize my skills and would love to make your dreams come true!


All projects are customized for your needs, so a published listing of my services and rates is unavailable.


Here's some of my experiences:


Photoshoots of Life:


Parties/Special Events/Sports
Business Meetings/Conferences

Trainings - Indoor or Outdoor

Preggie Pix

Newborn Pix

Baby Showers
Children Doing What They Do

Adventures & Walkabouts

Pets and Wildlife

Model Portfolios

Stock Shots (almost everything and anything)


Graphic Designer/Art Director for:


Websites - design, development, training

Bathroom Advertisements - (Ask me about this one!)

Magazines - design, cover & article photos - Agenda Magazine (Del Mar, CA), Word of Mouth Magazine (Mendocino County)
Newspaper design and management - Carmel Valley News (Del Mar, CA)
Small Business & Non-Profit Organizations Marketing - (biz cards, letterhead, newsletters, direct mail campaigns, advertisements, product identification, logo design, email campaigns)


Event Management and Organizational Consultant:


Over 30 years of expertise in coordination, management, and organizational consulting.  "Retired" owner of "Task Handlers, Inc" (planners never really stop planning - she grins).  Handling events from 5-50,000 attendees, from private parties to international conferences, citywide housing, catering, transportation, and more.  Focus is on ROI, organization and smooth-sailing NO MATTER WHAT HAPPENS.  Can assess personality types and organization functionality to determine improvements and/or modifications in management and procedures to enhance businesses, organizations and general groups of people regarding productivity and output.


Freelance Writing Services & Work:


Lady Eloise's Blog (check it out here - where I get to write what I want)

Anderson Valley Advertiser (local newspaper)

Ukiah Daily Journal (local newspaper)


Social Media Posting

Editorial Assistance


Books published and available on

"The Silliest Things That Make Your Wife Happy" (Author and Photographer)
"That One Left Shoe" (Photographic Contributor)

"Another Left Shoe" (Photographic Contributor)

"Twist of Fate" (Photographic Contributor)

"Toby's Big Adventure", by Audrey Serowcheck   (Editor and Publisher)

"How Can I Live...Without You?", by Jakk Dion   (Editor and Publisher)

"Sweet Dreams Bogie... I'll Be Ready", by Marlana Leonard   (Designer/Editor)

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